Understanding Soaking Times for Cannabis Extractions

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The duration for which cannabis should be soaked in ethanol is a topic that sparks conflicting information online. Some suggest a quick 2-minute extraction, while others advocate for a month-long soak. In this article, we recommend a soaking time of 3 to 4 hours and explain the reasons behind this choice.

Why 4 Hours?

A soaking time of 4 hours allows for the extraction of nearly all cannabinoids into the ethanol, resulting in an efficient method. This approach yields a tincture with a high cannabinoid content, making it suitable for various purposes, such as tinctures, edibles, or vaping liquids. Overall, it offers a versatile and universally applicable extraction.

Quick Wash Method:

The "quick wash" method involves soaking hemp in cold, frozen ethanol for about 2 to 5 minutes. This results in a clean tincture with minimal chlorophyll and unwanted substances. However, some active compounds may remain unextracted, necessitating multiple quick washes. This makes it challenging to determine the potency of the end product. Despite this, the quick wash method is excellent for creating vape liquid due to its superior taste.

Soaking for a Month:

Extending the soaking time to a month leads to a more comprehensive extraction, encompassing even unwanted substances like chlorophyll and remaining plant nutrients. However, the resulting tincture may taste very bitter due to the inclusion of these elements. However, you do have the guarantee that everything has been extracted.

Ultimately, the Decision is Yours:

The choice of soaking time ultimately lies with you and depends on your preference for the end product. Consider the trade-offs between a potentially weaker yet purer tincture from quick washes, a fully extracted but bitter tincture after a month, or a well-rounded tincture after 4 hours of soaking.

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