Can I use POT by NOIDS to make Green Dragon Tincture?

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Master Wu’s green dragon tincture technique is a straightforward way of making infused alcohol.

Cannabinoids are highly soluble in high proof ethanol (>190 proof, or 95%), as long as you submerge decarbed buds in the 190 proof Everclear, the alcohol would extract almost all the cannabinoids from the plant material.

The Green Dragon technique has a low-temp heating step (the heating temperature has to be below the boiling point of ethanol: 78C/173F), which is designed to accelerate the infusion process.

If you are not in a hurry, you can simply leave the buds in Everclear for 3-5 hours, the result would be the same.

POT can not be used in making Green Dragon tincture (high-proof ethanol infusion), but once the Green Dragon tincture is made, POT can evaporate the ethanol and increase the potency of the tincture or produce a waxy concentrate.

The steps for making concentrate with POT:

  1. Decarb the plant material, using the Decarb function for either CBD or non-CBD

  2. infuse decarbed plant material into ethanol (>190 proof/95%) at room temperature for no less than 3 hours. (the equivalent of making the Green Dragon Tincture)

  3. Filter out the plant material

  4. Evaporate the filtered ethanol in POT, by using the Evaporation function.

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