Is it safe to evaporate food-grade ethanol in my home with POT by NOIDS?

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It is a very good concern. Safe use of the evaporation function comes from:

  1. Good ventilation (open a window or ventilation duct nearby)

  2. Slow evaporation by the POT by NOIDS (50ml/hour)

The inflammable gas from ethanol needs to meet 2 criteria to burn/combust:

  1. The gas percentage in the air needs to meet the flammability limits (3.3% to 19%).

  2. There is a spark/flame in the gas-air mixture.

The max volume of ethanol that can be evaporated in POT is 250ml (197.25 gram/4.29 mol/0.096 CBM). In order to let the 0.096 CBM of ethanol gas combust, it needs to be evaporated into an air-tight space smaller than 2.9 CBM (3.3%) and bigger than 0.5 CBM (19%).

So, as long as you don't leave POT to evaporate the max amount of ethanol in a closed space smaller than 2.9 CBM (about the space in a typical SUV) and have flame/spark in that space, it is pretty safe.

POT evaporates ethanol at a low speed of about 50ml/hour, so the density of ethanol gas around the machine is kept at a constant low and this adds to the safety as well.

Still, we advise to always stay alert and use common sense with any flammable/combustable substances, and ALWAYS follow the safety instructions that comes with its bottle or packaging.

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