How long does it take POT by NOIDS to cook?

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POT by NOIDS is unique with its dynamic heating algorithm.

The POT by NOIDS thermal control monitors and adjusts the temperature and cooking time in real-time. The temperature fluctuation is tightly controlled to ± 1 °C (1.8 °F). This allows the POT to precision cook and deliver a perfectly cooked herb without loss due to burn.

The total cooking time varies according to the room temperature, the moisture level of the herb, and the amount of herb/oil used.

Decarb: 1 hour 30 min ~ 4 hours 

Infusion: +/- 3 hours 

Evaporation: +/- 50 ml per hour

THC Decarb requires higher temperature, hence the cooking time varies greater. For other functions (CBD Decarb, Oil, CBD Oil) the time variation is not big.

The less herb you decarb, the longer it takes. 

If you decarb less than 10 grams of THC herb, cover the beaker with the filter set, push the filter down to 1cm above the herb instead of the flat lid normally used when its running.

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